Fixed Restorations

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Porcelain Fused to Metal

  1. Porcelain Fused to Precious Alloy (High Noble) {51.5% Au / Silver Free}
  2. Porcelain Fused to Semi-Precious Alloy (Noble) {/ Silver Free}
  3. Porcelain Fused to Non-Precious Alloy

Note: Yellow High Noble Alloys are available upon request, with a wide range of Gold content. Please call for more information. All our alloys are purchased from The Argen Corporation, and we do send an authentication sticker with every case.


Captek is still the leader when it comes to Porcelain Fused to Metal restorations. Captek is fabricated from precious metals only; therefore there is no reaction in the oral environment.

To read about Captek in full details:

All Porcelain

Lava Zirconia is a 3M product with a reputation that precedes it and we have had great success with Lava restorations; it has the combination of esthetics, strength and amazing fit. There is so much to say about Lava restorations, so to read all the scientific facts

IPS e.max from Ivoclar Vivadent is the hottest all porcelain restoration in the market today. It’s a cementable, all-ceramic, esthetic restoration that does not have a coping, which gives it the uniqueness of not having any reflection coming through from a coping underneath. IPS e. max is an extremely strong restoration and can also be pressed.

Zirconia crowns are the first generation in the all porcelain crowns. Sometimes they call Zirconia the “white steel”, Zirconia substructures give crowns and bridges whiter, brighter, and more translucent look. They are strong enough to withstand the pressure in the mouth. Therefore, they substituted PFM crowns to Zirconia crowns to achieve more esthetic and natural looking dental restorations. Call for any questions or details.

Ten years warranty on full Zirconia.

Full Cast Crowns

  1. F. C. C. in Yellow High Noble Alloy.
  2. F. C. C. in Yellow Noble Alloy.
  3. F. C. C. in Silver Colored Alloy.
  4. Inlay/Only.

All our alloys are purchased from The Argen Corporation, and we do send an authentication sticker with every case.


We can work with any kind of Implant system in the market, but due to the big variety of different Implant systems out there, please call for details.


Custom Abutments

We can fabricate all different types of Implant custom abutments such as, Straumann, Nobel Biocare, Atlantis, and more. Due to the big variety of the different systems and types, please feel free to call us for any questions or details.


Attachments are available with a lot of different styles depending on the case. We do stock Sterngold attachments but we can also order anything else you may need or require.

Diagnostic Wax Ups

Diagnostic wax ups are great for many reasons such as study models, making temps or even to help sell a big case to the patient. We use life-like high quality presentation wax.


Temporaries can take a long time to fabricate for big cases. Our fast turnaround time and high quality material for temporaries will free up your precious time.

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